(Free Press Release) The Navratris are here once again. It is that time of the year for good to win over evil. The nine-day period from the new moon day to the ninth day of Ashvina is considered the most auspicious time of the Hindu calendar and is the most celebrated time of the year as Durga Puja. The nine different forms of Mata are worshiped over the nine days.

Since its inception, SaharaOne‘s ´MATA KI CHOWKI‘, has embarked on a journey for the restitution of goodwill. The story revolved around Vaishnavi, an orphan girl who became an ardent devotee of Mata Vaishno Devi. She was actively involved in preaching about Mata, sang Jagratas, and motivated people to follow the preaching of Mata and rescued people from pain and misery, all of which were seen as miracles by the masses. Her faith in Mata saw her sail through every possible hurdle that life threw at her while at the same time her good deeds towards enlightening the masses raised her divine personality amongst them. Vaishnavi‘s daughter Saakshi is also following her mother‘s choosen path as she battles the evil SheelKumar.
During this Navratri in SaharaOne‘s Mata Ki Chowki, Mata will descend on earth to fight the evil. This time, Mata will take the form of a 4-year-old girl called Durga and enter Saakshi's house to protect her from the evil Sheelkumar. As the devil‘s seed are already been sown in Saakshi's womb after the consummation, Durga will also protect Saakshi from the evil within herself.

To make matters worse for the evil Sheel, Nirriti will also not be able to help Sheel during the Navratris as evil will take a backfoot during these nine days. Little Durga will trouble Sheel in her own unique divine ways. She will also put positivity in Saakshi and neutralize the negativity in her. She will also get joy and happiness back in the family. Mata will enter Saakshi's house in the form of little Durga from Thursday, the 7th of October 2010, a day before Navratris begin on from Friday, 8th October. For the next three weeks, Sheel will be at the mercy of Mata, as Durga will ensure everything that will teach Sheel a lesson.
So this Navratri, MATA KI CHOWKI, gives an auspicious opportunity to enlighten your mind & rekindle your faith in Mata.

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