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In most cases, those who travel for business would need Melbourne furnished accommodation help and lodging the most. What if the trip is longer than expected, maybe six months or more, or even a month or two? You wouldn’t want to spend over the allocated budget for this business trip, would you? Do not over-spend; as your company may throw you out too sometimes for over-spending.


Would you not want to have affordable accommodation with all facilities, a la five star treatment and style? This is why you should think of having all the amenities and conveniences at an affordable cost, so think about using the services of a corporate accommodation. They would have spacious houses for you to rent and live in for the time you spend in either city. And that’s exactly why we have chosen to host our colleagues from offshore India to stay in one of these serviced apartments says a patron.


What makes corporate accommodation so appealing that people are willing to be there and not in five or seven star rated hotels? It’s all about the cost and comfort for the same, and yes, the amenities and facilities that are world class and easily available. Added to that another facility is you wouldn’t want to travel too far from wherever you have come from, each of the apartments are neatly connected to the best transport zones and not too far from the main hubs of the city. And that’s why such serviced apartments are the need of the day.


For a family holiday, Australia would be the best bet.  And when you are in either of the cities, there would be so much for you and your loved ones to enjoy and experience. Now you decide, how would you like to stay? Would it be a costly five star hotel, or a Melbourne furnished accommodation which wouldn’t rip your pockets and yet provide you with five star amenities, once again, the choice is yours. We choose Melbourne for its sights, sounds and cosmopolitan nature and we still didn’t have to spend so much on our stay here. You too should look into the same and save your vacation money says a client from Singapore .


Travelers throng Australia every year for business and pleasure. And this is also a reason why corporate accommodation is such a hit. There are apartments fully serviced in areas that are considered as prime locations and also in places which are least expensive too. Some are large mansions and palaces, while others are small units, with all services and utilities in place. Sources say that by 2014, there would be more serviced Melbourne furnished accommodation, than real homes with people residing in it says a customer from Adelaide .

The use of short stay apartments would be the best for those who come into the cities for short term assignments. You could have Melbourne furnished accommodation for a month, a quarter, half the year or even a year too. Some of the expats too give thumbs up to the concept and find such apartments very lucrative and aesthetically pleasing to live in. You wouldn’t have to worry about the commuting and transport needs when they stay in the city, because each of the corporate accommodations have their own transport connections, such as airport transfers and within the city cab services too.

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