Opting for party bus rentals is the best way to make a party more fun filled and happening. A party bus is similar to that of a limousine but has much bigger space inside it. It comes with all the associated paraphernalia like those of the strobe lights, attached bar and high quality sound systems. Such fun equipments will gift you a lot of lively moments. A party bus can easily accommodate your entire gang and you can drive off in safety to the party. However, when you find limousine service, you have to ask the necessary questions that will help you to get a good deal and ensure you have a safe and comfortable ride. Start with SLA, the luxury transportation association, for such rentals; they rent wedding limousines, limos, party buses, private yachts, private boats and planes and helicopters all across USA, in every state, at the most competitive prices. Their services are professional and of quality.


There are many companies which help you avail party bus rentals at affordable prices. Most of the limo companies offer a wide variety of packages and deals. Get to know what your inclusions are in the package. Does the package cover fuel charges? Does the package include alcohol and bar facilities? Most people suppose that if you find limousine service, you are bound to get all the facilities that come with a limo, but it is not always the case. Most of the companies will offer you a base price that does not include the taxes or the 15-20% tip that you have to pay to the chauffeur. Do inquire about it so that you do not feel cheated later on.


After you ask all about the package inclusions, next you should ask about the safety measurements taken up by the party bus rentals. It is imperative that you choose a company that has proper insurance cover. Always enquire about their insurance policies. If a company is not willing to show its insurance proofs then it is better to avoid the company all together. It is not just enough to find limousine service at random. Checking the license and the experience of the chauffer who is responsible for your safety is also important. The limo should be in a good condition with all standard safety devices in place.


Different party bus rentals charge you differently. Hence, it is important to ask whether they charge a flat fee or at an hourly rate. There can be other variables involved too like the area covered, the time of the year etc. When you find limousine service, ask how much you need to pay in advance. Most companies charge about 25-50% in advance. Asking about the cancellations and refund policies is also important. Most companies refund you the advance amount after deducting a penalty fee. However, there are some companies for whom the advance might be non-refundable.


SLA’s presence is felt all throughout USA with a fleet of professionals involved in the party business, so you can hire them for luxury transport on land, air and water, for party catering, food preparations, flower arrangements for wedding celebrations, photography services, filming concerts, preparing video-taped memories and many more. You can also book precious entertainment from an entire collection of quality professional entertainers, through StarBook: loud and spirited local and national bands, impressive musicians, lively singers, talented vocalists, mesmerizing dancers, graceful models, skilled actors and captivating comedians. All these talented people are listed in the Starlight directory which is free to use by everyone and easy to manage for an amazing time at the party or on your way there, in the party bus or limousine.


With proper research you can get good party bus rentals which will ease all your transportation worries for your party. It is better to find limousine service at least a month prior to the event so that you can proceed with proper planning. After you shortlist a few companies, go ahead and talk it out with their staff in order to get a clear idea about the packages on offer. Asking the right questions will definitely lead you to the right door.

Opting for party bus rentals from SLA is a great way to include everyone on the trip to the party destination. It is important to find limousine service or party bus services which offer you good quality at affordable prices. Starlight is the right company to appeal to and hire its services.