China - How to choose the most suitable product anti-imitation technology? Most of manufacturers should very confuse about this problem. Do not worry about this! Now, the top grade manufacturer for security hologram label which website is would give people some useful advices about this problem. The is an experienced producer for all kinds of holographic label which should be the best choice for anti-imitation technology.

However, if people want to select the most suitable anti-imitation technology, they should first have fully understanding about some of the main anti-counterfeiting technology and sorts. The hologram label tech has been created for more than 20 years. The application of it on the security protection has been widely praised by more and more business. If people want to know more about the hologram label products, please click

On the other hand, people should also have such understanding about key benefits for all kinds holographic label of anti-counterfeiting technology. The common technology such as watermark paper and security line which security effect is better but the cost for them is very high. In that kinds of situation, it would be not very suitable. As the digital security, it has well security effect good, cost moderate and convenient of consumers¡¯ identification. But, due to the limitation of communications means recognition, it would not be convenience for some areas such as remote rural. However, the most suitable way should be the printing security such as hologram labels which have low cost and easy recognition.

From the comprehensive comparison, several kinds of common security technologies has the following features. The e-security code technology has the most long-lasting security. Second, the cheapest security technology should be the printing security such as variety of twist contraction pattern, dual SIM, latent image and so on. Thirdly, the most reliable security method should be the digital security, material security and design security but the disadvantage is the high cost. People should know more about these aspects.

People should choose the suitable anti-counterfeiting technology according to their products¡¯ characteristics. First, they should choose the different security technology such as the hologram labels according to the consumer or the user's cultural quality, age and society level. Second, the products¡¯ manufacturer should select different anti-counterfeiting technology depending on the products¡¯ value and cost. However, these points should be regarded as the principle when clients choose the suitable security technology such as the hologram labels.


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