Sanford, NC — Feb 22, 2016 — Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey, announced that the company’s three-pack of therapeutic massage balls has gained favor with professional athletes and medical professionals for improved workout recovery using myofascial muscle release. Offered only on Amazon, the therapy balls are an affordable solution for consumer use and within a clinical setting.

The three-pack of massage balls by Supreme Squeeze features a soft knobby ball, a hard spiky ball and a smooth lacrosse ball, all of which offer their own unique benefits. The lacrosse ball offers a massage that relaxes and limbers the hands. Research has also shown that using massage balls aid with increased blood flow. In doing so the massage balls help with recovering from a tough workout or relieving stressed and tight muscles much faster.

The spiky surface of the company’s other two massage balls are effective for varying degrees of deep tissue massage and isolating specific areas of concern where loss of sensation or neurological damage is present. They can also be placed in the fridge for a cool means of reducing inflammation and stimulating blood flow.

Massage balls have been on the market for a long time and have had countless stories of success with many athletes around the world using them on a regular basis. They are effective for helping with muscle groups including — back, neck, chest, triceps, biceps, glutes, calves and hamstring. The spiky balls are also great for foot therapy.

Supreme Squeeze therapy balls are effective for improving circulation and for a restorative massage that addresses neurological issues. They offer a safe and affordable tool for performing at-home exercises as part of a prescribed program of therapy. The therapy balls by Supreme Squeeze are lightweight rubber designed for durability and a secure grip helping you to attack those stressed and sore muscles.

Massage balls are beneficial even for those who haven’t been injured or require rehabilitation. The construction, benefits and affordability of the massage balls from Supreme Squeeze have won approval by medical professionals and athletes at all levels of performance. The therapy balls are different shades of blue for easy differentiation and offer varying levels of resistance to help individuals relieve pain, increase blood flow and speed up workout recovery. Helping athletes to perform their best


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