TheItest is reaching new heights by offering unparalleled quality audio transcription services.  Unmatched by any other company, they are the no.1 choice for audio transcription services.

The availability of information and accessibility thereof plays a vital role in the success of any business.  By integrating the text versions of any audios or videos, companies can benefit from high page rankings and as a result, an increase in traffic.  TheItest is the undisputed company when it comes to this aspect.  With solid experience in audio transcription services, they can guarantee the success of any business.

In fact, many customers can attest to this claim.  “TheItest’s commitment to quality makes them the best choice for audio transcription.  They have integrated audio transcription in our website which in turn made a significant change in our website visibility.  Their attention to detail and excellent work are truly remarkable,” enthuses Margaret a customer from the US.

TheItest doesn’t stop there.  They are continually improving the already excellent customer service that they provide to their clients.  Case in point, they have a 24/7 customer support to answer any questions about their service.  A dedicated toll free number is available for customers in UK, US and Australia.  If that’s not enough, an online chat is also available.  

“TheItest has quickly become my trusted business partner,” says Greg a social media influencer.  “I was rushing some projects during that time and I called them around three in the morning.  To my surprise, they accommodated by audio transcription requirement.  An excellent and accurate work for a limited time,” he added.

The advent of the internet era has made the industry virtually interconnected with each other.  With this in mind, TheItest made sure that clients can have an easy access to expert transcribers.  With three easy steps, getting high quality audio transcription services is just like a walk in the park.  Just upload your files on their website; pay online and your files will be delivered straight to your e-mail.

TheItest is a well-rounded company which provides various transcription services.  If you want to make your videos, presentations or any projects for that matter more appealing and engaging to your audience, don’t hesitate to get the professional services from TheItest.

As an ISO certified company, all processes involve in audio transcription of TheItest have passed all quality assurance.  “Quality is the main selling point of any company, if one lacks quality the company is doomed to fail.  However with TheItest, you can be assured with the high quality standards that they possess,” says one of the Business Analyst in Europe.

If you want your brand to be globally recognized and reach new height, TheItest will make it happen for you.  They are the leading audio transcription services company with affordable rates starting from S0.85/min.  They also support 50+ languages from the certified transcriptionist.  Get in touch with them now using their 24/7 customer support.  For more details please visit

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TheItest offers wide array of transcription services from legal transcription, voice transcription and video transcription.  They provide excellent transcription services praised by the thousands of clients they serve.


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