TheEbookSale Publishing are delighted to announce the releases of James De Havilland's latest Novel, Quantum Consensus - The Plot to Break the Bank of all Banks.

Limerick, Ireland, August 04, 2009 -- TheEbookSale Publishing Announces Quantum Consensus - The Plot to Break the Bank of all Banks, the latest installment from American Author, James De Havilland.

TheEbookSale Publishing, Inc. has published Quantum Consensus - The Plot to Break the Bank of all Banks by James De Havilland, which is the author's most recent book to date. The multiformat eBook in the Action/Adventure category is available worldwide on ebook retailer websites such as Amazon, Fictionwise and eReader for a suggested retail price of $12.95. The more traditional paperback version, is also available online and in bookstores.

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Quantum Consensus is a story that reveals a plundering adventure that takes the reader across the horizon to the darkest corners of the ends of the earth.

The Quantum Monetary Group, QMG, was instituted by highly praised war hero James Perry, husband of Ariel and new born daughter Lea. QMG is a wealthy secret organization of unscrupulous financial member dignitaries who secretly have their own agenda hostile to Perry's patriotic views of democracy, human rights, and labor rights. Their secret mission is to kill, newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to Brazil, James Perry, fund military dictatorships, retard social stability, and hence inhibit the stated goals that lead to an increase in poverty in recipient countries; add to that, they advocate currency devaluation and link higher taxes under planned austerity programs implemented by controlled politicians promoting global socialism and one global currency.

The story spans fifty two years beginning with patriot James Perry, a man that feared no one or any situation, who leads a daring escape from a Japanese prisoner of war camp in the Burmese jungle and later plans a return raid and rescue mission saving the lives of his fellow brother in arms. Highly praised, he is rewarded with the position of U.S. Ambassador. Lea Perry, years later, now grown up, seeks closure as to the attack and disappearance of her parents when she was a child.

Quantum Consensus is an exciting, action packed adventure that takes Lea and her companions from her New Jersey penthouse overlooking the majestic New York City skyline on an intriguing journey of mystery, propaganda, escape, revenge, murder, and closure. Follow the unforgettable escape from a Japanese prison camp from the depths of the Burmese jungle; the discovery of the fabulous treasure of the Lost Cavern of Diamonds, the killer mercenaries of the Geral Mountains, the wild dogs of the Matto Grasso, the Anaconda attack, the entrapment in the village of the head hunters, and the all too real mystery and suspense centering on unscrupulous global financial dignitaries plotting to break the bank of all banks.

James De Havilland's Quantum Consensus - The Plot to Break the Bank of all Banks, is the behind the scenes masterful story of today and a crime buffs dream you won't forget!

Expertly constructed in multiple eBook formats, Quantum Consensus - The Plot to Break the Bank of all Banks at 168 pages or 40,000 words, is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the Action/Adventure genre. With Global distribution through Ingram Digital, Mobipocket and BooksOnBoard, plus pervasive online availability through TheEbookSale's online store, Amazon and elsewhere, Quantum Consensus meets consumer demand with ease.

ISBN: 9781849610292 Format: multi-format eBook SRP: $12.95
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About the Author:
James De Havilland is a veteran of communication skills seminars for education, business, and labor. He is a former teacher, administrator and director of the public education system. James attended Rutgers University and majored in Administration and Supervision. Credentials are authorized and certified to administrate and supervise over 950+ educational and training programs by Board of Examiners, Dept. of Education, and has worked in relationship/participation with U.S. Dept. of Labor, Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training, (BAT). He is a Doctor of Theological Arts & Letters and adviser to faith-based organizations and a writer of winning grant proposals.

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