09, October 2014: The universe holds much mystic for so many people. After all, with it growing every single day, it can be quite probable that, somewhere out there, there is a planet that is much like the earth. If that is probable, then there is also the possibility that they too might be reaching out to us. The curiosity about the unknown and the possibility it holds is the reason why many people entertain the idea of a UFO; and when it comes to UFO, there is no better place to spend time in than Stephenville, Texas.

The city of Stephenville can be found within the county of Erath. This small city quickly gained prominence in 2008 after a number of residents observed what looks like an Unidentified Flying Object, or UFO. What made the story go viral is the fact that it was Larry King who brought the story to light. Some of the observers also noted that the object was being chased by military aircraft.

Now, while the city of Stephenville is more known for its UFO encounter, it actually has a lot of other things to offer. For one, the city is home to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Park, the Lake Proctor, the Original Dr. pepper Plant, the Lone Star Arena, and the Legends Golf Course.

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