International: has just released a new tool that could revolutionize the way companies manage customer support.

It’s a ticketing system that integrates directly inside Gmail and Google App. Businesses can manage all of their support inquiries directly from within their current mailbox without having to use an external help desk or ticketing system. is unique to anything else on the market today as it’s the only ticketing system that integrates directly inside Gmail. So far, response to the new service has been more than encouraging. Over 2000 businesses from around the world have tried the service. Nearly all of them claim it has boosted productivity and increased efficiency.

Furthermore the new system allows business owners to keep a closer eye on how well their customers are served. That means that it is easy to find out if your team is doing something wrong. Maybe they are not handling the correspondence quickly enough? Perhaps customers don’t feel satisfied with the outcomes your staff provide? Either way, the Gmail-integrated help desk provides important metrics designed to improve the way assist their customers.

The most popular feature of the system relates to automatic responses. There’s no bigger drain on productivity for any business than being forced to type the same replies over and over again. When a new support email comes in, automatically suggests possible responses based on previous answers. If no match is found, a new response can be saved and the next time a similar question is received, Keepingâ„¢ will suggest it.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the new system should take a look at the website and it’s demo video. You can also get in touch with the team by using the contact details below to reuqest a personalised demo.

Any business is bound to receiving support emais from customers and this tool will help a team save time and work more efficiently together. It’s free to signup, and setup is instant. Try it out today and see how much difference it can make to your company and to your customers.
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