09, June 2016: The world’s 1st sealed climate greenhouse has been featured as a new crowdfunding project on IndieGoGo. It was named Okoponics and this is an Indoor greenhouse and it is a sealed micro climate control that is equipped with the hydroponic technologies. This project was proudly introduced by Django Penaloza who came from Mexico.

Okoponics is claimed to be the first of its kind and it enables the users to plant anything they want inside their houses by using it together with aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics and traditional soil methods. All these can be made possible with the help of this latest invention. It can effectively imitate any environmental or climate and make any plant grow healthily. Depending on the size, the glass container or any other form of translucent material with sensors, machinery, illumination, hydraulic installation as well as internet control can form a hermetically closed environment that can effectively control and imitate temperature, humidity, light, pressure, pH, oxygen, water electroconductivity and so on. Okoponics comes in two different forms and the first one is the Okoponic Klein which measures 4.3 cubic ft. The other one is the Okoponic Gross which is measured 17.5 cubic ft. With Okoponics, the climate within the container is regulated by the mobile application used and operated using internet connection. It is giving the users with the option to select between the automatic option with the pre-configured environments, manual control and configuration. The system is controlling the distribution of water, atmospheric pressure, humidity, nutrients, temperature, light supply, oxygen levels and others. Therefore, users can confidently observe and notice the growth of their plants in every moment. If their crop has fruits, they just need to open the closed environment and then it will be the best time to get the produce. The container of Okoponics is the high-end greenhouse which permits a person who possesses basic knowledge about planting to install this inside of his or her home and be able to plant a plant of any kind through imitating their actual environment. Moreover, it has been made possible through the imitation of the yearly seasons with no risks of rains or plagues. Being the atmospheric pressure as the greatest challenge, machine has to be sealed, managing the standard stages of pressure, oxygen and temperature. Such manual and automatic controls of these components of the weather and environment permits fast, healthy and effective plant growth. Okoponics is claimed to be environmentally-friendly. According to the developers of this product, the most significant element of it is energy efficiency and the controlled and least use of the available resources. Apart from that, through the use of the hydroponic techniques, the use of water will be 90 percent lower compared to a conventional crop. This is for the reason that the system works to recycle the water. This will not require the use of additional products such as soil, fertilizer or pesticides. For each square meter of the hydroponic crop, people will require three meters of conventional cultivation because of the vertical plantation with the hydroponics. Through the use of such methods and technology, people are enabled to make their plants grow 2 times faster. Okoponics is giving a multitude of benefits to all users and everyone is advised to stay tune to know when it will be finally released in the market. For this moment of time, the developer of this creative and useful system is hoping for financial support from the general public.

Okoponics is currently featured as a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo which requires the assistance of everybody especially the gardeners. Up to date, the project now has only 30 days to raise funds which should be as much as $448,000 within the amount of days left for it. People behind this project are expected to take part in giving life to Okoponics. People who want to be backers are welcome to show their support for the pursuit of this project. This crowdfunding project comes with perks for all supporters. Donations of any amount will be gladly accepted. The manager of this project is hoping that people will find Okoponics as something that will benefit them a lot.

Okoponics is the first world class Sealed Climate Greenhouse that can mimic the actual environment that fits plants of any type. This tool can help anyone plant and make any shrub grow in just a short period of time. It is the new crowdfunding project that is currently posted and featured on the official website of IndieGoGo. This project has been featured by Django Penaloza who came from Mexico.

To learn more about Okoponics and the benefits that it can offer, please do not hesitate to visit its page on IndieGoGo which can be viewed through this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/okoponics-world-s-first-sealed-climate-greenhouse--2#/ .

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