17, November 2015: The basic necessities of life are clothing, food shelter and transportation. Along with advance in science and technology, great changes have taken place in transportation. A newly sprouted vehicle has been debuted—Airwheel A3 two-wheeled electric scooter. It is like the wonder of a fairy tale, bringing people a new way to get around with its terrific advantages.


Airwheel A3 is driven by electric motor whose power is supplied by the battery which is friendly to environment. That’s much more cost-effective than the car consuming gas or diesel. Though fastspeed is fun, it isn’t everything. Sure, 17kilometers per hour might not nearly be enough to convince you that A3, 2-wheeled electric scooteris meant for you. But, once you realize that you can take this thing on grass, paths or on somewhat rugged terrains, and then you’ll practically say that it is what I want — especially once you see that all other people are getting trapped in the traffic jams on the trunk road. Therefore, it’s also called mini SUV, working well on the off-roads. With A3, you can experience more wonders, and your friends must envy of you.


Apart from that A3 is eco-friendly and cost-effective, AirwheelA3, self-balancing electric scooter is fashionable in the exterior and intelligent in the interior. The model of A3 is cool enough since you can’t find the same one in the market in that it adopts the appearance of bike and motorcycle. Meanwhile it is designed with simple graphics including star, and fan-shaped patterns. The main colors of A3 are white and orange which symbolize passion and vigor.

In addition, it’s so smart that it can reflect all information on the 4-inch display screen. During riding, it’s controlled by user’s body inclination. And A3 features an agile reaction with 0.03S system response time.

All features A3 comes with make it the wonder of a fairy tale in transportation.

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