(Free Press Release) The way we sow, so shall we reap!

Anjali is the vamp who has always claimed that she loves Rishabh & does not want to leave him or end the marriage. She has played dirty games & has seen to it that Rani is out of the Johri Mansion & out of Rishabh‘s life. Rishabh manages to expose Anjali‘s games in the family court & tells the judge that he wants to end this marriage. The court gives the decision in Rishabh‘s favor and Anjali feels defeated. Tauji‘ who initially supported Anjali and was against Rani and Rishabh being together, now approves of their relationship and Rishabh & Rani are very happy together. Realizing her defeat, Anjali plots her revenge against Rishabh. She wants to kill Rishabh. She points the gun at him but Rani somehow manages to protect him. Anjali‘s plan boomerangs & in the chaos she is killed. Sonia Singh who played Anjali was a little emotional on her last day of shoot, says, “It was an amazing experience to work with Rajshri. In such little time I really gelled well with everyone. Even though my character was negative, I really loved the way my character was introduced.” And what is Sonia‘s take on the way Anjali was, “Anjali was a negative person. She didn‘t value Rishabh‘s love when she had it. And if the person has done bad deeds then they get it back. And that‘s what happened to Anjali.” In the sudden twist of events, Anjali‘s death proves that one has to, sooner or later pay for the sins & all bad karmas that they have committed in their life…

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