With an ongoingly changing internet search engine environment and an economy that just cannot get moving, the Vitamin Mineral Shop makes it to its fourth anniversary.

Clinton Township, Michigan — Four years ago, in June 2010, the Vitamin Mineral Shop, LLC and its website www.vitaminmineralshop.com were launched. Since then, the web site has grown with the number of Vitamin Power products offered, and from additional related information being added. Also, a specialty website for Artichoke Supplement was created.

In the last year, both websites, VitaminMineralShop.com and ArtichokeSupplement.com, were updated to have a new shopping cart, additional security (note the https instead of http when either site is accessed), and a new credit card processor. The new shopping cart has been set-up to handle coupons, and various coupons will be created and posted on the internet to test this marketing tool.

Additionally, both websites were moved to a new hosting service because of ongoing successful security breaches at the old hosting provider. This has been a great time saver as no one is tracking down security issues or spending time cleaning up tens of thousands of undeliverable mail messages.

"This last year has provided great learning opportunities in items such as website security" stated owner Wayne McDonald. "I am sure this upcoming year will provide additional unexpected ones also."

To learn more about the variety of Vitamin Power products available from the Vitamin Mineral Shop, LLC visit: http://www.vitaminmineralshop.com/

Wayne McDonald is ongoingly creating the Vitamin Mineral Shop LLC and Imagine Something Worthy LLC. He is a former Chrysler employee, current real estate investor, and a member of the local Internet Marketing Club. He is using what he is learning at the local Internet Marketing Club to build sites for himself and others. He is continuing to construct and market an online vitamin store, a real estate site for himself and fellow investors, and new Internet marketing affiliate sites.

Wayne McDonald
Vitamin Mineral Shop, LLC
42211 Garfield Road, PMB 123
Clinton Township, Michigan 48038

Submitted by: Imagine Something Worthy, LLC