When it comes to remodeling the kitchen you may want to consider buying a brand new set of kitchen taps, in order to introduce a brand new look for your home. There are many different types of taps available - all of which can provide the kitchen with a sense of style.

For example, when looking for kitchen taps you're likely to find those that are high-stylised - designed to leave a lasting impression - or those that are more basic, boasting a minimalist touch.

In order to give you a better idea about the range of kitchen taps available from plumbing and DIY stores spread across the UK, we've created a simple guide detailing the basic and the not-so-basic types of kitchen taps:

Basin taps are very common; they are usually purchased as a matching pair - with one used for dispensing cold water and the other hot water. You will normally find basin taps inside the bathroom and they are not typically used inside of the kitchen. However, some homeowners prefer the look of a vintage sink, which may have basin taps included. These taps are of a low height, which is the main reason they are commonly utilised in bathrooms, as opposed to kitchens.

Kitchen taps are usually single tap sets. Usually the one tap will dispense both hot and cold water. A kitchen mixer tap is intended for hot and cold water use and allows you to mix the water temperatures. These taps are generally very flexible and are made from materials that can be bent easily for kitchen use. You can also find high neck pillar kitchen taps. These particular taps are much like basin taps in the sense that they come in a matching pair. These tall taps are made to be installed in most kitchen sinks. The high neck design provides an ample amount of space for washing dishes, as well as filling up pots for cooking.

Bib taps are taps those that are mounted to the wall. It's also possible to find bib taps that can be mounted to a tap stand too. These are most commonly seen used with wide-rimmed kitchen sinks, as well as with French farmhouse sinks, laundry sinks and butler sinks. If you are planning to go for a vintage look in your kitchen, then you may want to look into purchasing and installing a fantastic set of bib taps.

With the wide variety of taps available for the kitchen, making a final decision can be very difficult. You ideally should go with a tap design that will function well with your current set-up - or the set up that you intend to switch too. You may also find that you need to seek out the advice of a professional interior designer or a plumber. This is well advised as a professional plumber of interior designer will be able to provide you with advice regarding the type of kitchen taps you should be purchasing. Although it might cost you a little extra to consult them, you'll probably find that you won't regret spending that extra money in the long run.

There are many taps that can be purchased from a DIY store. This article details the various types of kitchen taps one might find in one of these stores.