China - The engineer from the has said that the development of models of the turbocharged engine and turbocharger CHRA has been subjected to two major risks. One is the power hysteresis and another is that the output is not smooth. Even in the mind of the consumer the Turbo has been born with delicate and the conservation and the cost is also high. But in recent years, with the continuing improvements for the car manufacturers’ technology and the individual needs of consumers, more and more cars which have equipped with the turbocharged engine models have been produced.

Whether it is the joint venture enterprises or domestic brands, the research and development and invest to the turbo engine models has become a trend. Some experts from the website have predicted that, auto market with a turbocharged models will be doubled and accounting for about half of the entire car sales in the next five years. The is the professional manufacturer for the manufacturing and selling for turbochargers and Core Housing Rotor Assembly.

Their main products have included the Garrett CHRA, Schwitzer CHRA and other Garrett CHRA  .The expert from the autopart95 has also told us that the utilization rate of the turbocharger will reach to 30 percent. In the next few years, there will be more and more vehicles in Chinese market would be equipped with the Turbo.

The growth rate of the turbo and cartridge  market would be much higher than the growth of the automotive market. The turbocharger manufacturers such as autopart95 have predicted that the size of the market of turbochargers the in the next five years will also be increased from 400 million units to 800 million units.At the same time, the industry experts have also said that the utilization rate of the turbocharger will be developed soon in the next few years.

The utilization rate will increase from the current 20 percent to 30 percent. The reason for that is comes from two aspects. First, the increasingly stringent emissions regulations lead the engine must be configured with the turbochargers to meet the emission standards; on the other hand, more and more car buyers are willing to choose a car with a turbocharger, while reducing fuel consumption and it can increase the driving pleasure.

But the problem still exists and now most of the cars with the turbocharger are all have the problem of hysteresis. It is not suitable for using in urban or congested road. But we should not lose the confidence about the using for the Turbo. The development of the technology would help us solve this problem easily.

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