Beijing - The refrigerator is the very commonly electrical device in people¡¯s daily life. It could help people keep fresh of their food such as vegetable and meat. However, people should also know that the refrigerator is very energy consumption in their daily life. For the energy saving in people¡¯s daily life, people could only unplug most of appliances in their home to achieve this goal. But, the refrigerator such as hotel mini bar could not be applied with this kind of methods. If people cut the power supply of the hotel mini bar, the food and other thing in the inner space of the hotel mini bar would go bad. So, what is the appropriate way for people to let their hotel mini bar save energy? Today, the best supplier for display cooler and beverage cooler which website is would let people know some useful measurements to reach energy saving.

The first method is that people could try to place the refrigerator such as display cooler in the shady place and the mini bar should avoid the direct sunlight. However, if the temperature of the surrounding environment of the mini bar has increasing about 5 degree, its internal power consumption will increase 25 percent. So, people should pay more attention to this point.

Second, people should remain 10mm gap between the food and the refrigerator wall. On the other hand, the same gap mini bar should also be kept between food and food. The middle room of the refrigerator such as mini bar should be also kept enough room. This could help to increase the flow of cold air which could be not only help save power but also conducive to the preservation of food and other objects.

The third point is that people should minimize and shorten the time and frequency of the opening of the mini bar. Before the opening of the absorption chiller, people should firstly think about what food they want to take and what kind of food they want to put into. People should be better finish this process once time. Because during every time for the opening of refrigerator door, the inside temperature of the mini bar will be restored and then the compressor will be re-work.

The fourth point is about the frozen ice and drink making. People should know that the night temperature is lower which is conducive to the cooling of the condenser. So if people want to make frozen ice or cold drinks, the evening should be the best time for people to produce the icy products.

From the above description, people should have a totally understanding about the hotel mini bar energy saving for the refrigerator and mini bar. These rules would be very helpful in people¡¯s daily life. If people want to purchase the high quality mini bar, they could browse the website

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