There is no doubt that steroids are the most effective means, if they are administered sensibly and logically. This suggests that an athlete should be certain rules. It is important to divide the steroid cycles. Most understand by steroid cycle 10 – 12 weeks of the application of a single drug or a single combination of 2 – 3 steroids with only a long pause. This type of reception in the ratio of large and long-lived results make little sense, since during a long pause, a significant part of dostgnutoy muscle mass and strength fading.

The reason that athletes have chosen just such a regimen is that the various circles of society told that steroids are just a few weeks and they receive more frequent than 2 times per year, increases the risk of organic damage. For a limited period of exposure should be said that if this were true, then today’s big bodybuilding still would have been at thirty years ago.

As regards the second statement, ie risk of organic damage, let me tell you that if such a warning would not have been on the professional bodybuilding, because they would long ago have all died. In addition has become a fact that non-stop use of steroids by ambitious athletes – it familiar and gives good results, it is not difficult to understand, looking at the pictures in various magazines on bodybuilding. And if an athlete for example 24 years is already world-class athlete and has a good muscular physique, it is clear that he has many years of almost uninterrupted experience of taking steroids.

Under the intelligent application of cyclic anabolic / androgenic steroids, understand the many following one after the other drug regimens, particularly taking into account each individual steroid and purpose of each individual athlete, as well as parts quality taken steroids. It should start with a relatively low dose and increase it slowly and steadily to keep positive nitrogen balance in the muscle cell.

Since the oral steroids exert their effects for several days, but at the same time entail a rather rapid saturation of the receptor, limit their reception 6 – 8 weeks, and then complete their application, or switch to another (oral) steroid. It was found that the combination of 2 – 3 in moderate doses of steroids is not only much more efficient, but also guarantees a longer period of exposure, as if made only one steroid in high doses.

Thanks to a properly chosen combination is achieved sinergistic effect if the athlete is able to pick up steroids, which have different effects on strength, general muscle, tissue and relaxation. Promptness, which meets these requirements, it would be such as promptness of Deca-Durbolina as the base anabolic effect of steroid dl.d., Sustanon as a stimulant and the rest of all muscles and Oxandrolone lifting bodily strength. Stimulation of different types of receptors for a limited period of time will give the best results. Synthesizes the effects of drugs can persist over several months, if the combination of steroid changes completely for a period not exceeding 8 weeks, if an athlete combines a strong, mainly androgenic cycles of the weaker, mostly anabolic, and if doses constantly differ.

Slow and sustained reduction in dose at the end of the cycle helps to re-normalize the functions of the body and prepare it for a pause in drugs taking. These programs receive in the book are examples of how athletes use steroids, taking into account all these factors. But the reader should not take this data is not as advice, nor as a proposal and has not in any way nor as a guide to the use of anabolic – androgenic steroids. specializes in the sale of anabolic steroids. You can always buy anabolic steroids as Testosterone enanthate, Nolvadex, Clomid, Proviron, Sustanon, testosterone and other essential steroids. cooperates only with reliable manufacturers that have corresponding medical certificate.