With the development of the contemporary technologies, numerous new sophisticated flow meters has been designed by us like the ultrasonic flow meter, magnetic flow meter and so on. The magnetic flow meter can be a really very good instance. Magnetic flow meter is a single kind of high-precision, higher reliability and lengthy employing life flow meter.

The two components of the Magnetic flow meter would be the media sensor which directly contact with the pipe and also the signal converter around the upper finish on the flow meter. The functioning principle is determined by Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. And it is employed to measure the flows volume for conductive liquid which the conductivity is greater than 5μs/cm. within a word, the magnetic flow meter would be the measurement gear for the conductive medium.

Moreover to measure the common conductive liquid, the magnetic flow meter could also employed for the measurement for the robust acids, alkalis as well as other corrosive liquids.Frankly speaking, the top quality of the instrument is the simple factor if you want to work with it for any extended time frame. You ought to select a nicely supplier with higher reputation and quality guarantee. The China Sincere Instrument Limited will be the best flow mater manufacturer in China.

With more than ten years manufacturing history and the very R&D team, the sincere instrument would provide you with all the high accuracy flow meter, magnetic flow meter, ultrasonic flow meter and so on. Their website, which name is cflowmeter, is  http://www.cflowmeter.com/  . As we all know, the high good quality will be the crucial factor but the daily maintenance is also very important. Due to the requirement of accuracy and the bad operating condition, the upkeep in the magnetic flow meter is also the necessary issue.    

The upkeep on the magnetic flow meter is included two points listed below. The First point is the day-to-day maintenance. In the process of magnetic flow meter, we must do the regular visual inspection which includes checking the surroundings in the meter, wiping the grime, ensuring prohibition of water and also other substances, checking the wiring, checking whether the instrument  buy magnetic flowmeter  is in the robust electromagnetic fields or not. If the measurement media is easy to stain, we ought to do the dirt cleaning regularly.

On the other hand, the second  magnetic flowmeter  point is about the fault finding. When we began to put the magnetic flow meter into operation or normal operation after a period of time, maybe the instrument would not work properly. In this sort of situation, you must first check the external circumstances of the flow meter.

There are several things we need to do in this situation for example whether the power is very good or not, whether the pipeline has leaks or not, whether the signal cable is damaged or not, whether the converter output signal is open or not.

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