Anubhav Sinha speaks about what audiences should expect from his production house Benaras MediaWork’s next.


3rd March, 2014 — Producer, Anubhav Sinha’s ‘Gulaab Gang’ promises to bring hordes to the cinema next weekend as Madhuri and Juhi are set to take the box office by storm.


Sinha reveals the much awaited film is not merely a narration of good v/s evil but a full-blown experience of the fairer sex’s angst in India. “Gulaab Gang is a feast for the senses, right from the storyline which is infused with riveting dialogues and heart stopping action. We wanted to put the spotlight of the rural Indian woman and her struggles. I want audiences to be shocked by the fervor of her anguish.” he says.


The upcoming woman oriented action flick sees a furious combat of sorts between Madhuri - the tough feisty leader of a girl gang who kicks butts for women’s rights and the wily power hungry  politician; played by first time villain - Juhi.


 The filmmaker turned producer tells us to expect a hard-hitting experience of sorts as a volley of firebrand women dressed in pink move audiences. Infact he vouches for the stunts performed by the female cast and goes on to say that it is a much needed respite from only male heroes indulging in action. 


“Why should boys have all the action. We hope that Gulaab Gang will serve as a war cry against all kinds of women exploitation and domination in the country.” Said Sinha. Releasing on March 7th, Gulaab Gang comes as an assurance of striking the audiences in all the right places leaving them unsettled, and hopefully wanting to do more for the women in our country.



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