All’s fair in love and war
The upcoming episode narrates a story of a warrior who fights determinedly to impress his lady love

Love is overcoming obstacles, holding on and never letting go. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define and impossible to live without. It is the simplest forms of emotion that can make someone do mindless things. How far can someone go to get the one they love? The upcoming episode will showcase a story of a young and courageous Lieutenant, Kanishka, who fights but this time for his love.

Kanishka returns to his hometown from the army for a short sabbatical. But little did he know about the plans fate had for him. Kanishka bumps into Shreya, a happy go lucky girl who lives her life to the fullest. This is what leaves him mesmerized and he immediately wishes to date her. But the road to love is not easy, as he discovers that Shreya hates everything about army.

Kanishka feels let down but does not give up and marches tirelessly to win his love. He goes to the extent of faking his profession, but falls into trouble when he learns that Shreya also works in the same field. Although, Kanishka is successful in impressing her, he decides to unveil the truth which leaves Shreya miffed.

After knowing the truth, will Shreya give love another chance? Will Kanishka be able to gain Shreya’s confidence?

To find out, do not miss Love by Chance on 28th June, 2014 at 7pm, exclusively on bindass

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