Yunfeng Capital has been considered to be one of the top companies which have had a long history of investing in various related investments such as in telecommunications, media and technology. And it is in these types of investments that have rendered Yunfeng Capital to be one of the most successful companies.

Jack Ma, the owner of the Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. founded this company which is solely based on being a private equity company. Truly, his decisions on investment plans and his effective management on the company’s investment portfolio are unparalleled and have been considered to be the wisest and the most justified.

And yet given this positive stance in the company’s investment activities, still Yunfeng Capital, as spearheaded by Jack Ma, risked a notch way higher as now, they have considered doing an investment in another type of industry that could be way irrelevant to the company’s previous investment history. Yunfeng Capital finally agrees in investing in a food company.

What changed?

It is a very surprising and unlikely decision of Jack Ma to let his company Yunfeng Capital to invest in Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial. This has been realized by investing a huge and hefty amount of two billion Yuan or more or less $320 million in such a company which is a dairy product firm.

This can be a risky move as the said acquired company has been known to manufacture milk powders and that milk has been one of the most sensitive topic in which it has killed 6 infants and left thousands of ill babies in the year 2008 after a certain industrial substance called as melamine has been found in these processed milks.

But on a lighter note, it can be a very lucrative decision. Perhaps Jack Ma believed that once a company has reached rock bottom, there is no other way but up. And he believed that such company will only surface victorious amidst all these issues.

Besides, after the said 2008 incident, certain significant changes have already been noted and that the government in China is already making its efforts to improve the safety and also the condition of these foods.

Thus, it would only then be a matter of time before Yunfeng will be able to reap its risky harvest and finally receive the fruits of his investment decision to absorb Inner Mongolia. Before we know it too, Yunfeng will become the next big empire that has in control of the leading industrial companies.

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