SEI Club Is A Private Members-Only Club Where Billionaires Date to Meet “The One.”

Billionaires certainly don’t live like the rest of us. And they can’t date like the rest of us either. Apparently, there’s a private dating club called SEICLUB where the ultra-wealthy and fabulous go to meet their perfect match.

A spokesperson noted that, especially well-off individuals cannot resort to online dating as most of us do, because placing their profile on a dating site will ensure that it shows up in the latest Tabloid’s Page Six the next day. But the super-wealthy, like everyone else, need to meet, date, enjoy life, and find love and romance too.

With a membership application acceptance rate of 20-30%, is massively selective about who they admit into the super-private dating network.

The executives of SEI Club have long-standing experience in catering to the super-rich and mention that outsourcing is a basic component of these people’s lives. “When you’re managing an empire, you don’t have time to do most things that ordinary people do, and that includes finding the right person to date with whom you can enjoy your life. Everything has to be spectacular — and that’s what we do: make their dating lives utterly spectacular.”

As if the miniscule acceptance rate wasn’t enough, once accepted, eligible members pay annual membership fees of anywhere from $5,500- $300,000 USD. Mere peanuts for the market SEICLUB serves. review website is loaded with nothing but positive testimonials from men and women enjoying the recreational dating fruits of all their hard work.

For example, one of the reviews mentioned that every date the gentleman received was absolutely incredible — (and as far as we’re concerned, at that price, it better be!). Still, for all its glitz and glam, it seems that a much deeper mission is what guides the exclusive dating club each day. Says a club spokesperson: “Our mission is: To make life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful, and meaningful.”

About SEI Club:
SEI Club is the most preferred matchmaking and dating club for those accustomed to excellence. SEI Club is a positive force. Members’ privacy is a cornerstone of SEI policy. The Club mission is to make life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful, and meaningful. Their goal is to find this special one for their members. Their process is effective, solid and reliable. SEI Club is an especially exclusive global network - whether people are looking to just date and see where it goes, or looking for long-term relationships, or hoping to marry and settle down, they have them covered. Learn more at:

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