The popular entertainment program, The UCW Radio Show, announced today that it will be launching its Sunday Week in Review on September 20, 2009. The show, which will be an hour long program initially, will feature news, fashion, health/fitness, travel, Mixed Martial Arts review, highlight clips of interviews with our great guest and to spice it up a bit the host, Louis Velazquez aka Falcon Coperis, will have a different special co-host on the show each week.

In addition to that, the UCW Radio Show should have a distribution that may span anywhere from 10-20 million households across the United States not including the existing distribution for the show which is on an international scale. With the possibility of satellite radio distribution still in mind, the UCW Radio Show continues to keep their options open for various upcoming opportunites.

There are different options for advertisers seeking to sponsor the UCW Radio Show, it can be on a segment by segment basis for a series of shows or they can sponsor the entire show on a weekly basis. To find out about sponsorship/advertising opportunities please go to .

"The UCW Radio Show is continually evolving into something greater with each guest that we have on the show, from the likes of a true symbol of the American Dream Alfred DiMora of DiMora Motorcar, Pro Bodybuilders Jack London and Doug Burns to TV/Film Producer David Lyons, these are all people that have inspired people globally just by allowing us to tell their story. Now our guest are coming to us to tell about their amazing journey and we welcome them with open arms and appreciate all of our guest, they are amazing people," said Louis Velazquez, host of The UCW Radio Show.

The UCW Radio Show features inspirational inteviews showcasing the journey of amazing people , from actors, models and athletes to authors, politicians and tv/radio/entertainment personalities. Most of the mainstream media tends to focus on the current negative events that take place in the lives of some of our guest, we like to tell about their amazing journey to inspire people.

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