Online marketing is a consistently changing landscape, some might say this method works, and others might say just the opposite.  What’s really working for online businesses and what are the “Real” top marketing techniques that are working today?

Successfully marketing your products and services is quite obviously one of the main ingredients to running a successful business. Finding the right advertising methods that convert to sales for you business requires some experimentation and might differ according to the products, services you offer.

Listed below are a few of the top strategies I can suggest that have been proven effective;
Top 3 Online Marketing Strategies in Order

1.) Google Adwords: This is a very effective method for gaining local and non-local sales. Adwords can get expensive if you let it get out of control; I have personally spent over $250,000 on Adwords alone in the last 6 years and the advertising converts well however be sure to stick to a budget, and manage your keywords. With Google Adwords keywords, it is very important to block any negative keywords that are not focused on your target. “How-to” in your Adwords account Click on Keywords, then search terms, then you can start blocking only the non-relevant keywords that Google will automatically create based on what they believe to be relevant, this is very important and you need to manage this area.

2.) Email Marketing: Obviously email has opened huge possibilities for small and large businesses to reach out to vast amounts of potential clients at once. Email marketing can be affordable overall and client acquisition cost is typically very low. Traditionally what the email list providers generally lacked was the all-in-one approach, and key email marketing tools which were missing. Getting started with email marketing is easy and has proven to be the absolute best method for list building techniques and choosing the right company is equally important.

3.) Social Media — Here are the benefits of social media marketing for businesses. For any industry, the key to success is targeting your specific audience. Social media makes this possible, and easier to accomplish than ever. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, for example, let you target a specific niche and interact with a social group in your area of expertise. Social media for small and large business has allowed companies to increase brand awareness and reach of their potential customers at little to no cost.

Marketing your business is key to success. Marketing allows a business to reach out to potential customers; in some cases attempting to persuade the consumer to leave one business and try another! Marketing must invite promise and at times even give things away in the form of promotions, to spark excitement and a broader interest in what you have to offer.

Author: Rodney D Gray
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