“You’re turning 90 this year and in the past year you published three children’s books, a parenting book of poems about toddlers, had the second reading of a musical, and finished the first draft of a film. When are you dropping your computer into the Hudson River?”

New York City-based Howard Eisenberg is turning 90 this year as an author, journalist, songwriter, playwright.  With 10 books under his belt, a musical, a film, magazine articles for major press, Eisenberg brings it all back to the basics.  The collections of poetic memoirs that have piled up over the years after raising many generations of toddlers, has finally brought Eisenberg over the edge to create the official toddler compendium of bite-sized literary treats in Adorable Scoundrels.

Adorable Scoundrels, Eisenberg’s turned them into a book.  You’ll recognize your own toddlers (past or present) in the charming illustrations of Susan Robinson—who has two 3-year-olds of her own—and in the truth-telling verses of author, poet, and playwright Eisenberg who met them first as toddlers of his own and of his much beloved late wife Arlene, who co-wrote the parenting bible, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Arlene—and the hundreds of toddlers he met with her—became Eisenberg’s inspiration for a treasury of charming Adorable Scoundrel poems that “make you smile when you feel like crying.” After hearing them at Arlene’s lectures parents would ask, “Where can I get the book?” There was no book then, but there is now.

Reader’s Favorite says “Howard Eisenberg captures the exasperation and resignation parents experience when they discover that almost every aspect of daily life needs to be rethought once children arrive. This is the parent’s life exactly, and I love the humor in the poems and the acceptance of the disturbance and mayhem! Tantrums, fussy eaters, selective hearing, getting into danger are all covered in these short poems.”

“Look at the bird! Ooh! Fire truck!
Very pretty tree!
Toddlers open our eyes
To things we’ve forgotten to see.”

Eisenberg’s latest publication, is followed by his Guess Who series of children’s books.  The Guess Who series is based on Eisenberg’s concept of “fun that educates” with a blank space for children to fill in based on a riddle full of clues.  Turning his attention to the caregivers, Eisenberg raises the bar for raising toddlers with rhyming anecdotes showing the beauty of young naivete.  Adorable Scoundrels, a paradoxical conundrum of inextricable youth which only parents will understand.  From nostalgia through modern day living, keep this book close during toddler emergencies, and closer just about anytime else.  Adorable Scoundrels, available on Amazon.com

About Howard Eisenberg
With over 50 years of writing, turning 90 years of age this year, author Howard Eisenberg has written hundreds of articles, countless books —often with his late wife, Arlene (What to Expect When You’re Expecting)— for national publications. Eisenberg’s writing has been published in the New York Times Magazine, Saturday Evening Post, Reader’s Digest, Cosmopolitan, Parade, The Wall Street Journal, Parenting Magazine, Baby Talk, Reader’s Digest and dozens of others. Additionally he’s written six adult books, four co-authored with Arlene, three Guess Who (Guess Who Zoo, Guess Who Farm, Guess Who Neighborhood) books for children, and scripts for radio and TV. Eisenberg’s latest book Adorable Scoundrels is a ticklish read of acutely thoughtful poems about the wondrous world of tots. Eisenberg’s email is [email protected]

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