China - Nowadays, the smart phone has been widely used by every people in their daily life. Furthermore, all kinds of intelligent life products have also become an indispensable way of the development of each related manufacturer. Recently, on the newly Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the LED lighting products such as led high bay light from famous China LED lighting products supplier show with people a new feature ¡°smart¡± in addition to the traditional concepts which are energy saving and long using and service life.

ZMW group HAS RECENTLY promoted their new latest of led flood lights products which could achieve the remote control via mobile phone APP to adjust the power and brightness. On the other hand, this lighting product also has other functions such as time regular reminders which could help to prevent overusing of eyes. There are also other latest LED lamps which have been added into the smart music features. People could make use of the base jack butt to connect with the Android and iPhone5 integrated speaker phone. People could play music while charging for mobile devices. The even more interesting thing is that the smart bathroom mirror LED lighting source could also be switched by identifying for people¡¯s eyes automatically. These features tell people the future development trend of the LED lighting products in the near future.

The research director from famous China led high bay lights manufacturer also said that the development of intelligent LED lights both has its own advantages and the potential market demand. The unique lighting principle of LED lighting products makes it possible with the development of intelligent, which itself is semiconductor components that can convert electrical energy into visible light so it can be compatible with most electronic components and intelligent components. That should be the main featured advantages of the LED lighting products.

In addition to former information, with the improvement of the quality of people¡¯s life, people¡¯s demand for lamps could be not only to be limited to the lighting function of lighting products and most of people prefer to let their lighting products have other amazing functions such as the controlling of the change of color and temperature to create a romantic atmosphere and so on . On the other hand, the intelligent lighting also contains design with a lot of humane care concept in the product. For example, if students read books with too closely distance, the LED lamp will automatically turn off smart to remind students to protect their eyes.

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