USA - As the news from the   the Self-building house has become more and more popular for nowadays American. This kind of house could not only depend on their own preferences to design a house, but also could they use the good quality building materials and decoration to avoid the monotony of the developers for the apartment. But the main reason for the young American to make their house is the city the average price for apartment has been rose 30 percent in the last three years.As we all know, the underground infrastructure engineering of the building in America has little difference with the building in China. They are all established by cement and steel.

The popularity of the self building house is the highly rising of the house price in city. As we all have seen, the price of the apartment is much higher and the general people could not afford it. On the other hand, the environment in the city centre is very bad.

So, there are more and more people who prefer to build their own house. Based on the information from the   how to home design  . The upper part of the self building house are readily available materials. After the large truck brought the material back, the workers began to work like building blocks and let the material assemble together on the line. The bricks for the building are little. The main material is the processed wood and composite plates.

The doors and windows have already been produced by factory. The brick on the roof is made of a new type of composite materials.The transportation and installation of these materials is very convenient. And it would eliminate the need for a lot of artificial. In the United States, the cost of an artificial working for an hour is at least needs to spend eight dollars. If we need employ them work eight hours of the day, we need to pay more than sixty U.S. dollars. So the building of the house is generally taken a quick way.

The speed of the building construction is faster than China.The howhomearticles has also shown us that the tools used by the construction workers are more advanced. There is no heavy work on site. They only assemble and install in accordance with the construction drawings. Most people are capable of this work after a short trainee. The quality of the project is very carefully.

All aspects must be meticulous. If the  how to repair  live in it and found quality problems, the construction company has to rework within one year.

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