The Sanctuary Brazilian Jiu-jitsu And Fitness remains one of the most widely visited fitness academy in Colorado.

Availing the best quality personal training Lakewood CO is easier now with The Sanctuary Brazilian jiu-jitsu And Fitness that offers top class Brazilian jiu-jitsu and fitness instruction. Whether it is on the street or in competition, the expertise of the trainers at the Sanctuary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Fitness allows one to develop the game on one’s feet and on the ground. Allowing one to learn the best quality martial arts Lakewood CO, the academy offers classes on adult BJJ & judo, kids BJJ & judo, cross training as well as personal training. The BJJ HQ does not only allow one to build in confidence and stay in shape, but also helps to build perseverance and have fun at the same time. They take pride in having Charlee Minkin as one of the instructors who has won numerous Junior National and Junior Olympic titles. Ben Lowry is another instructor who has competed at an international level in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, competing at the IBJJF PanAms and IBJJF Worlds for approximately four years.

One of the spokespersons comments, “These two are the real deal in an industry full of wannabees and is the standard by which any trainer/instructor should be measured”, while other goes on “Both Ben and Charlee are incredibly knowledgeable and patient, providing thorough step by step instruction for each new lesson.”

While the cross training classes offered by this Self Defense Lakewood CO academy are a combination of gymnastics (body weight) movements, Olympic lifts, and metabolic conditioning, the personal training is offered on one on one basis in which one is helped with everything from workout design to meal plans. The academy remains open from 6 am to 8-30 pm from Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. Empowering life is easier now with Brazilian jiu-jitsu and fitness instruction offered by The Sanctuary Brazilian Jiu-jitsu And Fitness.

About The Sanctuary Brazilian Jiu-jitsu And Fitness:
The Sanctuary Brazilian Jiu-jitsu And Fitness offers the best quality Brazilian jiu-jitsu and fitness instruction in Colorado.

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