If you have a penchant for good landscapes, nature, beaches and traditions, Tuscany is a place that will sweep you off your feet. Of the millions of tourists who visit this region each year, over half of them fall in love with Tuscany so much that they end up buying a property, such as holiday home or a country house, in this region. If you are also planning on buying a ferien Italien home, it is the right time to buying a holiday house in Tuscany. Getting the best deals on the right properties in this region is not a child’s play. You need to hire the services of the real estate agents who know this region like the back of their hand to purchase the right property.


The role of a real estate agency when you are purchasing a holiday house in Tuscany cannot be overlooked. The local real estate agents know the region very well and understand the nuances of real estate laws that we cannot. Over the years of experience in this field, these professionals would have learnt in detail about the main aspects that clients look out for while buying ferien Italien home. This knowledge, coupled with their experience, will help them suggest the best properties available in this region for you to choose from. Trying to find the properties yourself here is akin to finding a needle in the haystack and the chances of you making a mistake are really high.


Real estate agents who have been rendering their services in Tuscany for years will know the entire region really well. They will have a clear understanding of the people friendly neighbourhoods and crime infested neighbourhoods. Hence, if you are buying a house in Tuscany, they will be able to recommend the best properties in the safest neighbourhoods. Buying ferien Italien homes or villas in such neighbourhoods will not only assure you of complete peace of mind when you come down to this region for a holiday, but will also prove beneficial when you want to sell this property at a later date. Homes and villas in the safe neighbourhoods appreciate faster than the ones in unsafe neighbourhoods, which is the reason real estate agents recommend the former to their buyers.


If you are a foreign national buying a house in Tuscany, chances are that you will have no knowledge of finding out if the property is legitimate or illegitimate. This is where the role of the real estate agents becomes important. The agencies that have been operating in this region for years will have a property evaluator and a real estate attorney on hand, thus making it easy for you to get the papers verified and approved by the experts. The property evaluators will help you in assessing the ferien Italien home or villa you intend to purchase to ensure all the basic amenities are in place and there is no flaw in the design. Some agencies also negotiate on your behalf and draw up the sale agreement too, thus simplifying the entire process for you.

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