In the past few months, many have witnessed the controversy involved with laparoscopic power morcellation, a surgical procedure that wrecks the tissue to ease the removal. Three groups have joined forces and studied the procedure to prove that morcellation has still a place for gynecologic operations but with a condition. These three groups are AAGL, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the European Society of Gynecologic Endoscopy.

The three groups responded as to what the Food and Drug Administration has said against the said operation. According to FDA, the laparoscopic power morcellation increases the risk of spreading cancer tissues in the abdominal and peritoneal area. And because of this, FDA prohibits and discourages people to undergo this operation even if a person has myomectomy or hysterectomy fibroids.

In order to be safe, FDA gave instructions to its manufacturers to review their product labelling in order to give accurate information to its users. Last April 30, the company, Johnson & Johnson removed the power morcellator from the international market.

Morcellation surgical procedure has been around for many years with the use of power morcellator which was approved by the FDA nineteen years ago. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 600,000 patients who undergo this kind of surgery every year or 50,000 to 150,000 power morcellators are used annually.

In the year 2012, PLUS ONE made another study about the controversial surgical procedure. According to the result of their study, the number of unnoticedleiomyosarcomasto women who have undergone the operation for fibroids is nine times higher than what the previous studies have said.

Last year, the Wall Street Journal released an article about Dr. Amy Reed, an anaesthesiologist at Beth Israel Hospital and a mother of 6 beautiful children. According to the article, Dr. Reed underwent some tests. The results of the test showed that she had occult leiomyosarcomas. This occurred when she had undergone the procedure ofmorcellation to remove the fibroids in her body. But instead of healing her from her sickness, it made everything worse. And because of this, Dr. Reed’s better half, HoomanNoorchashm has become vocal to fight against the procedure.

This story is the reason why most of the health organizations made studies about the operation procedure. It also paved the way to release a statement from the Society of Gynecology Oncology that women who have history conditions should notundertakethe procedure and doctors should inform the patients about the risks involved.

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