27, February 2015: With many trends in the fashion world it is celebrity endorsement that is the instigator, and this is arguably the case for the coloured diamond. Recently, J Lo, Beyoncé and Kate Hudson are among the ladies exposing this fabulous alternative to the traditional white diamond. Despite the rise in popularity of coloured diamonds being a recent phenomenon and one that is only predicted to see a significant increase this year, these stunning stones have been flying under the radar for some time. You only have to think of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe for evidence of that!

Why is it now then that these coloured stones are making a comeback? Available in almost every colour possible, they are very versatile and make a fabulous quirky alternative to the classic traditional stone. By their very essence they are marvels of nature and it is their rarity and uniqueness that attracts the modern woman to them. L, from F&L Designer Guides believes that ladies today strive to be different, want to make a statement and express themselves in ways that they could not in years gone by, and the coloured diamond allows them to do that.

F, on the other hand, suggests that it is the improvements in production that has helped increase their popularity and made them more affordable for more people. This, along with the commitment to the marketing and promotion of coloured diamonds as a new and interesting product range for designers such as Alexis Dove, Amanda Li Hope, Jana Reinhardt and Jon Dibben (all members of F&L Designer Guides) and their customers, is supporting their rise to fame.

The yellow and pink coloured diamonds are definitely the most popular and can be incredibly pricey, but do not be put off. The beauty of coloured diamonds is that there is one to suit everyone and every price point, and with the stones becoming increasingly available you will much more easily be able to find exactly what you want.

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