China - As the development of concept of environmentally friendly, the traditional plastic shopping has gradually got away from the sight of people's daily life and the newly replaced product Reusable shopping bags has become the focus of people. As one of the most professional China exporter for Rubber Coasters , Reusable Hanger Shopping Bags and other products, Canton Refined Gifts Manufacture CO., LTD has many things to tell each reader about the newly products- Reusable shopping bags.

The so-called Reusable shopping bags generally refers to the shopping bags which can be used repeatedly and the production materials of this product can be naturally degraded. Frankly speaking, these products are safe and environmentally friendly which will be very suitable for the environmentally friendly concept.

Before the creation and popularity of Reusable shopping bags, the plastic shopping bags were the main consuming products of every people's everyday life. For whole people in a country such as USA or China, these people will consume a large number of plastic shopping bags at every year. Although the traditional Plastic shopping bags could provide with each people enough convenience to shopping or other daily activities, the using of this product will also cause into the serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution due to excessive using and bad recycling measurement . This phenomenon is typically suitable for the ultra-thin plastic shopping bags which will be easily damaged and this should be the main source of ¡°white pollution¡±. At present, more and more countries and regions have limited production of plastic shopping bags and the using of the Reusable Hanger Shopping Bags has been largely promoted.

For Canton Refined Gifts Manufacture Co., Ltd, a modern integrated company for PVC soft rubber gifts, football club souvenirs, Rubber Luggage Tags and other products, the promotion for the Reusable shopping bags should be their responsibility. This business could not only help to expand their business scale but also could help to reduce the pollution in everyday life.

This company was established in 1997and they already established a very completely company system and production ability. They own production department, design and development department, sales department, marketing plan department, and financial department, etc. With a specialized technical senior management team, along which there are more than 100 staffs and they have already purchased the complete set modernization production equipment.

Nowadays, with many years' effort and development, their products have been exported to many countries of US, European, and Asia. The professional production ability, high quality and completely presale and after-sale service have already helped them win favorable comments from many customers such as DISNEY, WARNER, LIVERPOOL etc.

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