China - The computer has been widely used by all of people around the world. This largely development should also be resulted in the widespread of the Windows operation system. The Microsoft Windows is the most famous computer operating system in the industry of PC. Depending on the helping of Windows, the editor from which is the best online repairing business for Windows error could write this article. So, the function and importance of Windows is very obvious. However, the windows error is also very commonly for computer users. Among these Windows errors, the problem for Registry should be one of the most seriously error. In order to let people know more about the crucial position of the Registry, the editor from writes this article to give people the totally explaining.

In the Windows operation system, the registry is the most crucial database for all drivers and software of the Windows system. When the people want to open or operate the driver and software of the computer, the Windows need to know the position, document¡¯s name, version number and other kind of information. So, the importance of the Registry could be very obviously. The absence of the function of registry would lead to the error of system. According to the above description, people should know that the error should be the main Windows error.

When a user is ready to run an application and program, the registry would provide application computer error information for the operating system Windows so that the application can be found by the Windows system and the correct location of the data file would be specified. In this kind of situation, the applications and program could be normally used. The Registry holds information about the default data and other crucial documents¡¯ location information, menus, buttons, the window status and other options. It could also save the installation information, the user¡¯s name for the installed software, software version number and the date, serial number and so on. The different installation of software could have the different information. If computer user faces with the registry problem which is one kind of Windows error, they should browse website which is the best online supplier for repairing service for all kinds of Windows error.

However, in general, the registry could control all of the 32-bit applications and drivers. The controlling methods should base on users and computers without relying on applications or drivers. Each parameter entry of registry could control the function of a user and the computer function. If there is problem for the registry, each of the software in the computer could not be used.

No matter what kinds of situation, people should pay more attention to the normal function of the registry in the computer. Only in that way could people normally use their computer applications.


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