04 June, 2014: In some parts of the world, road administrators are promoting to the public the use of bike in going to their works. It is seen by how people of America had really allotted a day for it in a week, which is called the bike to work day every Friday. Even if it is being promoted to people, not everyone is willing to participate with the said activity. Many who are able refused to join. From the latest census, it only gives point six percent of the total population which means only a few engage themselves on it.

The latest data available provided by the Census Bureau

The gathered information points out that the percentage had actually increased from over a decade. Aside from getting just the figures, included in the data are other details that can interest the people. Facts were also presented between those who bike to work and those who know how to bike but do not want to be part of the participants.

The implication of the gathered data

Statistics reveal how America bikes to work. It shows that it is employed by the people. No matter what economic status do they belong and the level of education that they have, the study had shown that they share similar likes. It is even stated by the Washington Post that it is an alternative which has become both a luxury and the last option available to the rich and poor respectively. New York is one of the cities that promotes bike to work which is why when you happen to pass by the streets you will see that bike lanes are being installed and they even launched the new bike share program to encourage more people to engage on this activity. Every year, growth in bicycling is growing. To further promote this advocacy on transportation, they are providing coffee and snacks to cyclist during the bike to work day.

The result of the census does not exactly tell the whole story. It is only part of the entire story because only a portion of those who use bike as means of transportation is being considered. It is only the working sector who is taken into account. The survey does not include those who use their bikes as the primary means of going from place to another like going on an errand or any kind of trip as long as the bike is involved.

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