The real story of a middle class family


Ramashankar is a 45 years old man, doing clerical job in a private firm in Indore. He and his wife Yashoda have three children- Kaushalya (21), Geeta (19) and Sameer (16). Kaushalya and Geeta are college going girls, while Sameer is doing 12th class. He is studying in a government school.

Alike all ambitious middle class boys, Sameer also wants to help his family financially, but due to his deep involvement in studies, he is not finding extra time to do some work. He is inspired by his elder sisters, who are taking tuitions of primary classes and assisting family to face challenges of varied natures.

One day Sameer while searching a company for part time job in classified columns read about miim on city page. He was not aware of the institute which earned  name by providing 100% placements to those students, who undergone its unique image management course. After taking contact numbers of miim, one day he came to institute and expressed his willingness to do the said course. He also narrated the economical condition of his family and requested the management to grant relaxation in fees.  As per rules, as he was not graduate, hence not eligible for course, but when Atul Malikram, chief mentor miim viewed  his willingness to help his family, considered his request as a special case and he no only  permitted him to join miim for undergoing the studies of 11 month’s unique course, but also gave relaxation in payment of course fees.

 Today Sameer is happy to take lessons from rich faculty of institute. Alike all other students of institute, he is not worried about  job after completion of the course, as miim takes full guarantee of 100% placements to all students undergoing the course.

Ramashankar was not aware of developments in his family, but when Sameer after few days of joining miim told his father about his above deed, at the first instance he was angry, but when he heard about his son’s willingness to assist his family he was emotional and brought tears to his eyes. These tears were of joy and not of sorrow.

Miim believes in providing education to students of such kind which could be useful in building their future. It offers a 11 months duration course for PR aspirants and gives guarantee of 100% placement after completion of course.

To know more about image management course and miim, please contact Atul Malikram at 9755020247 or mail on [email protected].