Capistrano Beach, CA (April 29, 2013) - Dex O Tex? When looking for a high quality deck waterproofing system, you might have heard of big names like Dex O Tex. Many people looking to get their deck resurfaced, think names like Dex O Tex are the only option. This rubbery 3 layer coating can last a long time, but many Orange County Ca decks which were previously coated with Dex O Tex are now ready for an overhaul. This deck waterproofing system has some great features, but the times have changed and so has deck coating technology.

Enter Orange County's own Prestige Deck Coating, who provides expert deck repair and an innovative 5 layer deck coating system. This cutting edge system is fully adhered and applied evenly over the entire substrate. Our 5 layer deck waterproofing system will not leak, peel, chip, lift, bubble or crack due to weather conditions or heavy use. Our waterproof decking system cleans easily and is virtually maintenance free. We use only the best materials to make sure your new waterproof deck is tough, yet flexible enough to avoid cracking. Our deck repair will enhance and protect the value of your home. Our installation method is ideal for most residential and commercial decks. We install directly over a wood sub-floor, offering a wide range of colors and textures to choose from. Below is a quick breakdown on the order of each deck waterproofing layer.

After performing any necessary deck repair and metal flashing installation, we lay down our 5 layer system detailed below:

1. Staple metal lathe to plywood substrate. We then trowel polymer modified concrete over metal lathe.

2. We lay down fiberglass and carefully fit around edges and drains. We apply Bonder 480 over cloth fiberglass saturating into the polymer based concrete. This is a key step that Dex O Tex omits.

3. A second layer of polymer modified concrete is added for extra strength and flexibility.

4. Next we spray your choice of texture coat.

5. Last we apply 2 coats of water resistant paint sealer of your choice, with over 16 different color variations to choose from.

We believe the technologically advanced waterproofing capabilities of the 5 layer deck waterproofing system is at least comparable to Dex O Tex. If your deck needs a new coating or your old deck coating is showing signs of wear, please contact us. Find out about the best options for a lasting, aesthetically pleasing, deck waterproofing experience.

About Prestige Deck Coating, Inc.

Founded by Josh Pfohl, Prestige Deck Coating is a family owned waterproofing company serving Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Diego County California. As an experienced and dedicated contractor, pool deck builder, and waterproofing specialist, Josh has applied his time, efforts, and balcony waterproofing skills to create a decking company that strives for excellence. You need to hire a contractor that knows what they are doing and can stand behind their work. Prestige Deck Coating knows waterproofing, business and people. When it comes to deck resurfacing solutions, we are the complete package. We invite you to join our family.

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