China - The linear bearing is the most important industrial components. People could find this kind of equipment at everywhere in the industrial area. Apart from the linear bearing, there is also another kind of bearing such as ball bearings. For the installation of the linear bearing, people should pay more attention to some cautions. On the other hand, people could also judge the damaging level of the linear bearing by the temperature.

Before the installation of the Linear bearings, the internal of this kind of linear bearings should be cleaned and smear with the lubrication grease. The expert from ISUTAMI ( ) is the best bearing manufacturer. When people are pressing ISUTAMI Bearings into the supporting seat, they should use special tool to press against the outer face of the linear bearing. It could not be allowed the direct beating and forcibly rotating to the bearing. However, these incorrect operation methods could cause the damage of the bearing. When the operator put the guide shaft into the bearing such as linear bearing china, the shaft should be aligned with the center gently. The shaft should not be skew. Otherwise, it will cause the off of the ball and the deformation of frame. These situations should be paid more attention in the working process.

The other topic of this article is the judging for the damage of the linear bearing bearings china by temperature. However, the temperature of the linear bearings could be predicted by the outside temperature. Frankly speaking, if people can use the oil hole to directly measure the bearing outer ring temperature, this could be more appropriate.

Typically, the temperature of linear bearings could begin to rise slowly with the operating of the bearing. After the operation for 1 to 2 hours, the linear bearing China could reach to steady state. If lubrication and installation is improper, the bearing will be occurred the abnormal temperature. In that time, people should stop running the linear bearing China and ball bearing China. On the other hand, people should also take some necessary precautions.

However, if people want to avoid the damage by the abnormal temperature, people could use linear bearing china the thermal sensor to readily monitor the operating temperature of linear bearing China. If the temperature exceeds the specified value, there would be the alarm from the thermal sensor.

If the bearing has always operating in the temperature over 125 degree, the using life of would be shorten largely. The main reason which could cause the high bearing temperature could be concluded the lack of lubrication or excessive lubrication, the impurities in the lubricant, overload, lack of space or the high-friction which produced by the oil seal.

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