The Phantom Premium Dry Herb Vaporizer by CloudV was a revolutionary portable vape that resulted in users exclaiming a wide-eyed ?hoa!after they tried it. What did we do with all the support we got? We made it even smaller! At only 5'3 inches tall this baby vape knocks a punch with its .2g holding capacity. The first generation Phantom Mini Dry Herb Vaporizer was black with a leather exterior but we made some modifications and are ready to showcase this beauty and its friends for vapers around the globe.

Now, the Phantom Mini doesn't just come in black, but also 5 other colors: white, blue, gray, turquoise and red. Also, its outside surface is silicone, not leather, for a smooth, luxurious feel on a vape so small you can fit it in your pocket. Just like its daddy vape the Phantom Premium, the Phantom Mini? chamber convects instead of combusts dry herb material with a temperature setting between 410-F and 420-F and activates with the click of a button. The controlled heat sustains itself with a 4 minute shut off time feature which prevents unnecessary battery drainage when not in use.

When you buy a Cloud Phantom Mini, you get a set of tools in the box: a USB charging cable, a cleaning brush, a packing tool and an owner's manual. The vape itself is easy to clean; deactivate it by locking it, let it cool off and remove the mouthpiece to use the cleaning brush to brush out the inside. Put the mouthpiece back on and you?e good to go! And like the Phantom Premium, the Phantom Mini has a 1 year warranty on its battery which you can register online when you receive your vape. Pick up a Phantom Mini today and take yourself to the next cloud level!

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