The Perfect Baby Shower…or is it?


With the sole intention of getting good gifts, Himani decides to have Dolly and her best friend’s mother, Daljit throw a baby shower for her. The planning is impeccable, the refreshments are delectable and Himani hopes that the gifts would be just as wonderful but amidst all the planning Himani forgets that it is near impossible for her to get her youngest child, Nikki to be a part of her con-plan! What happens when Nikki inadvertently does something to foil Himani’sbaby shower? What does she do? And what does Himani do to salvage the situation?


Meanwhile, Himani’s husband, Avtaar is in for quite a few surprises too as he makes his sons compete for a ticket to an interesting IPL match by quizzing them in a game that can best be described as ‘Who Knows Avtaar Best’. Do any of his sons manage to win the tickets? Or does Avtaar teach them a few things about himself?


To find out watch Best of Luck NikkiSeason 3 on

Sunday, July 21, 2013 at 10.30amonly on Disney Channel




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