UK, January 14 2015: Gardening is a popular hobby which has evolved over the years across the world. In UK, there are many residents who like to have their own lawns and gardens. In order to maintain a garden, it is essential to have the right set of gardening tools. There are several companies which offer a range of lawn materials. The Paynes Turf Company is ones such company which was established in the year 1971. It is mainly involved with the preparation and supplying of gardening and lawn materials such as high quality grass seeds, soil improver, sporting turf and other gardening materials. The company prepares the well woven hard quality turf. Such turfs are in great demand in the golf courses of London. The customers have the opportunity to buy turf online quite easily. The Company is also a top soil suppliers of enrich quality to be used in the gardening activities. 

They have their branches all over UK and they offer all the guidelines for usage of these products to be followed by the consumers. The premium blended loam of the Company is used in laying flower beds and saplings in lawns. The Company supplies another soil enrichment product which is the wood bark. Other products of the Paynes Turf Company include 6mm fine loam and pro sport turf. The Paynes Turf Company has customer query centre to clarify any query on application of the lawn products. The turf supplies facilities of the Company can also be availed through customer query centre as it not only solves queries but also takes orders. All its products have received the clearance of British Quality Standard. 

The turf supplied by the Company is mainly manufactured in the Essex branch of the Company and any order of the turfs prepared is supplied by its agents designated as the turf suppliers essex. Similarly, the turf suppliers in London are known as the turf suppliers London. The turfs prepared by them are hard and compact. The turfs are very long enough to spread across a wide area of the golf course. These turfs can be used in parks and also in lawns depending on the surface area. The Company makes the turf rolls to make it flat and thus spread across a wide area. The top soil prepared by the Company maintains soil fertility and nourishment. These top soils are also rich in organic fertilisers. This type of soil can be used to grow various kinds of shrubs and bushes. 

The wood barks help to maintain the soil moisture, weeds resistant and durable as well as long lasting. Water can be easily passed through this wood barks. It is mainly prepared with the composition of organic fertilisers and roots of the shrubs. The premium blended loam is mainly used to improve the soil fertility and is rich in humus content. Composed of 50% loam, the premium blended loam can be used to maintain the soil level in the garden. The Company provides helpline numbers to receive orders for its rich products. 

About The Paynes Turf Company 

The Paynes Turf Company mainly prepares and supplies various gardening materials which are durable and sustainable. The Company has also launched special mower with more grass cutting powers in a short time. The Company refunds the amount if the customer returns its products on time.