China - Injection mold is one sort of most crucial producing equipments to making different industrial products. With the rapid development of the plastics industry as well as the promoting and the application of the plastics product in the industries of aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipbuilding and automotive and other industrial sectors, the requirement for these injection molding products also become higher and higher. The traditional mold design method has been unable to adapt to today¡¯s industry requirement. Compared with the traditional mold design, the new computer-aided engineering which is also known as CAE technology could both increase the productivity and ensure product quality. On the other hand, this new technology could help to reduce cost, labor intensity and many other aspects.

In the working process of mold making china , it will use a variety of CNC machining. In general, the CNC milling is the most widely used processing type in the machining center. The CNC EDM wire cutting and CNC machining are also very commonly in NC machining. The line cutting is mainly used in various kind of straight wall mold processing such as convex mold, slider, electrode making in EDM and so on.

For molding parts with high hardness, the use of machining methods for injection molding china cannot be processed. In this case, people mostly applied the EDM machining. Moreover, for the sharp corners of the mold cavity, deep cavity parts and narrow groove, the producer could also apply the EDM machine. The CNC lathe is mainly used for processing mold rod parts as well as cavity or core of rotating body mold such as bottles body, injection mold pots, shafts and disk parts.

In the processing of plastic injection molding China, the application of CNC drilling can also serve to improve the machining accuracy and shorten the processing cycle of the injection mold. The injection molding China could be widely used in modern manufacturing for components and other products and it is an essential part. Therefore, the injection mold industry is an important part of the national high-tech industry. This is also the important and valuable technical resources.

The professional engineer from Duratec Industries China Ltd said that they are devoting to improve forming process and the level of mold standardization. Their designing team also tries their best to enhancing the mold manufacturing precision and quality . Furthermore, their researching and applications for various types of molds used high-performance materials also do not have any stopping. This could help them better improve the performance of injection moulding China.

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