02, February 2016: Parents are blessings. No matter what type of relationship you have with your parents, you would not be in existence today without them. Our parents are the first people that we are able to trust in life and they are the ones that stick by us when things get a little difficult and life can be difficult at times for everyone.

Our parents celebrate each birthday we have and every accomplishment we make as we grow older. While we are growing up some of that acknowledgement can be a little embarrassing, but you never truly understand the depth of love your parents had for you until you become a parent yourself. When you first lay eyes on that precious angel that was born of love, you realize that you will also want to embarrass your child by taking lots of pictures and wanting to be involved in every aspect of their lives. You will then understand that the great example that they set for you will be passed on to the next generation.

Show you Care

It can be very difficult to show your parents that you really do care about them. They have seen us at our worst and our best sometimes all in the same afternoon, so there is little that can be hidden from them about us. We tend to attempt to purchase different things for our parents from time to time to try to show we care, but what parents love most is the memories we give them. Although we cannot possibly hook our minds up to a machine and live stream the memories we have, we can give a gift that brings all of those memories back to the forefront.

Stores are filled with meaningful sayings that attempt to show our true feelings, but are often missing something. Twenty Fingers has the solution that sums up the best phrase a parent can hear in one simple beautifully ornate framed papercut. It is called The Only Thing Better papercut and the phrase is, “The Only Thing Better Than Having You For Parents, Is Our Children Having You For Grandparents.” That one phrase is sure to bring back a lot of good old memories about when you were young.

Stages of Life

It is no secret that our lives come in stages. We are born and as we are children we mimic our parents by wearing their clothes and attempting to do the things that they do. We essentially want to be them, but being so little we can only do so much. It seems to take forever to grow up to where we are given a little freedom. By that time we may no longer desire to be like our parents because of rebellious nature, but still time marches on.

The next phase of life brings love and someone inevitably saying that you are going to marry that person because they are just like one of your parents. We laugh it off only to later realize that the person was right and we also have to come to terms with the fact that we may have also become our parents. That realization may not actually hit us however until we have children of our own and discipline them in the same way we were corrected as children. We do actually become our parents and that is not a bad thing.

Your Parents Were Right

When we have kids and we do come to terms with the fact that we are our parents we learn to appreciate all of the little things we may have missed about them growing up. It is then that the The Only Thing Better papercut from Twenty Fingers will make complete sense. Our children will get to enjoy all of the amazing and thoughtful things that our parents have done for us through the years.

There may not be many gifts that really say what you feel about your parents, but www.twentyfingers.co.uk has put it beautifully in the The Only Thing Better Papercut. Along with the phrase are images of parents, grandparents, and children that give the art piece true depth. The Only Thing Better papercut is beautiful and thought provoking. Your parents will love looking at it and thinking of all of the happy memories they shared with you and all of the monumental occasions they will have the pleasure of celebrating with their grandchildren.

The Only Thing Better papercut is available in a wide range of colours and sizes to fit your individual needs. We offer all of our papercuts with the choice of frame as well. You can choose a frame from one of our amazingly handcrafted options or choose to frame it yourself. No matter what you choose, when you choose Twenty Fingers and their The Only Thing Better papercut you will never go wrong.