Spain - The professional football players would have highly requirements for Nike mercurial vapor 9. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo who has ever change the result of the match by his own effort has once said that he ??just want to wear the soccer shoes which are lighter, faster and more dazzling. In the situation that Nike has released their new Nike mercurial vapor 10, people could say that C Ronaldo looks to achieve all his demands.

For a striker, the expert from website has said that the speed, steering and several extraordinary are the most basic skills. In the early stage of the research of Nike mercurial vapor 9, NIKE design team has already communicated with the excellent soccer players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and other players. So, the designer of the 2013 Nike mercurial has fully understanding about the the demand for the striker. For these front killers, the starting acceleration, performance of forefoot grip, fitting and comfortable is the most mentioned keywords.

From the analyzing of 63 games after the 2006 World Championships, people could find that the results have show that these nike mercurial vapor 9 games has appeared a total of 845 players turnovers or about 14 times per game. Among them, 30 percent of the errors had been appeared in the process of acceleration. On the other hand, 49 percent of the errors had appeared in the emergency deceleration especially when the players were changing their direction. However, these tiny mistakes are likely to be the key to changing the result of the game. These findings were indicative a problem that the increasing for soles grip force will make the game more exciting.

In fact, after the appearing of the Nike mercurial vapor 9, this kind of shoes has never let the professional nike mercurial vapor 9 players have the feeling of disappointment. However, the spikes under the shoes has not had the dramatically changing but it has been well received by players and shoe fans because that is knife-like grip on the spikes have contain the clear advantages in comparison with the traditional garden nail. If people wear this kind of Nike mercurial vapor 9 the soft natural grass, the pressure of body weight will extend an additional three mm deep length. However, people should not underestimate these three millimeters which can reduce the chance of slipping by 65 percent.

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