Phoenix, AZ; 26, May 2015: SubOhmCell which is one of the newest vaping batteries in the market is the latest trend for vaping enthusiast and rightly so.

This rechargeable battery which is arguably the best 18650 battery boasts a nominal capacity of 2800mAh. This high drain rechargeable battery with a powerful 35 Amp discharge is a hit among sub ohm vaping enthusiasts. This is especially true for those with mods with custom built coils leading to lower resistance.

This is where the SubOhmCell comes in. Sub Ohm batteries are perhaps the most important component of the setup. SubOhmCell which is currently the best 18650 battery available has a discharge temperature range of -20°—60°C (-4°F—140°F) and a Full charge voltage of 4.2V, SubOhmCell ensures that your setup draws the right amount of electrical charge without overworking or damaging the coil.

What makes Sub Ohm vaping so popular is the fact that it produces more vapor than its alternatives. This is why having the right battery for the purpose is such a crucial decision. SubOhmCell which is quickly taking over the market has been proven to function much better than VTC5 which was the go to alternative of vaping enthusiast up until now. With many users moving towards the SubOhmCell battery as a result of its superior results, it is set to become the market leader I vaping batteries.

In addition to consumer preference, its function is also lauded for its efficiency with its ability to outlast all other batteries in the market currently.

About SubOhmCell:

SubOhmCell which is arguably one of the best vaping battery alternatives in the market is known for its ability to outperform others in the vaping industry such as the VTC 5, MXJO, IMREN, and LG. These batteries which have a 35Amp discharge and a nominal capacity of 2800mAh are arguably the best 18650 battery available today. What makes them so popular among the vaping community is the harder hit they deliver as a result of stronger vapor draws, in addition to the longer life of the battery.

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