AmeriChina and Parsons University presents the The New Wave of Fashion Design Pioneer, a fashion roundtable of industry experts discussing the opportunities and challenges the 90's generation faces when starting their career.  The event hosted by AmeriChina at Parsons University will be moderated by Eva Xu, founder of emerging female apparel brand All Comes From Nothing (ACFN).

New York, NY - May 6, 2016 - In recent years there has been an increasingly number of Asian students especially Chinese students in leading fashion schools such as Parsons University and FIT.   As each graduation season begins and ends a group of students will leave their campus to experience adventures in real fashion world.  These students take their interests as career because of a superior economic foundation.

Sponsored by AmeriChina, a group of expert fashion panelists will be assembled at the coveted Parsons University to discuss important important topics related to the fashion industry for the next generation of graduating students.  The panel will focus on what opportunities and challenges do the 90s generation face when starting their career?  To answer that question and to get more insight on the topic, several  guests in the fashion industry will partake in the discussion. They are from main fashion industry fields including fashion design, fashion buyer, fashion media and fashion marketing respectively.

The list of panelist include:

Angela Sum: Angela is the founder of a sculpted bad brand asum.  She appeared as a contestant on Project Runway season 13.

David Leung: David has spent over 20 years as a designer and creative director in the fashion industry.  He hs worked for renowned fashion brands such as Versace and Joan & David. Mr. Leung also works as an adjunct instructor of fashion schools including Parsons University and FIT.

Megan Portorreal: Megan is the Editor In Chief at Cliché Magazine, one of the premier online digital fashion magazines.

Eva Xu: Eva is the founder of an emerging female apparel brand ALL COMES FROM NOTHING (ACFN).

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