Date: January 29, 2014
Attn: Entertainment Editors
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Contact: Bill Kaufmann
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Hannah Kaufmann, the latest of the new and upcoming artist of 2014, released her depute EP album “Lost Soul.” Hannah brings a unique brilliance of musical talent and business genius to the Music Industry’s marketplace. With captivating music and business knowledge, Hannah has patiently waited on the sidelines for the buzz of the Grammy Awards, and New Artists announcements to diminish before coming out. While recording her EP Album in Atlanta, Georgia, late 2013, she created the buzz known as “that girl from Central Florida.” Every Producer that watched Hannah perform found that she had that “it” factor. 

Lost Soul

Milk Money Consulting, Inc. (most respected and regarded as the World’s greatest music production company) coordinated Hannah with Producer NICO CONSTANTINE, whose work with Lady Gaga and other great artists are forever etched in time. Hannah and Nico skillfully produced her lyrical and music compositions into tunes that can be enjoyed by listeners of all genres. 

Producer Nico Constantine, Atlanta, Georgia had this to say, “Hannah Kaufmann is an emerging young artist from Florida with the amazing ability to pull the listener into her dream. Hannah’s songs and voice commingle to produce the most alluring and emotion evoking music I have recorded over the last decade. She is a true Gem.” Former manager to James Brown “The Godfather of Soul,” Larry Fridie stated “…after managing James Brown for 12 years, you are one of the best talents I have had the pleasure of now working with…” 

Additionally, Hannah has found favor with the World renown Speaker manufacturer and Masters of Engineered sound, Klipsch, where Director of Artist Relations; Patrick Thompson stated, “…Creative songs, catchy melodies and a distinctive, beautiful voice- I’m confident you’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the very near future.” Klipsch is now a proud Sponsor of Hannah Kaufmann. 

The good news is; Hannah Kaufmann’s music brings to the table the Birth of a New Genre in a time when most new music appears to be the same ‘ole patterns and remixes, with benign story lines. Music Industry Professionals have yet been able to point exactly to a genre specific to Hannah’s beats. Though close to Pop and Rock, according to Music Industry standards and comparison, Hannah’s’ sophisticated and unique style of lyrical writing content and musical composition artiste force the emergence of realistic artistic genius without limit, i.e. something new. Expected to turn the table of time with music, Hannah Kaufmann brings music enthusiasts of every genre, timeless, relative, new and very cool music to appreciate and love for a very long time. 

Media Contact:
Bill Kaufmann
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