Vancouver, BC - The network engineer from the has given us more information about the DDoS attack. The principle of the DDoS attack is by a large number of legitimate requests to take up a lot of network resources. At last, you network would be paralysis by the large amount of the legitimate requests. The has told us that such DDOS attacks can be divided into the following categories.1. Use the Overload of the network to interfere or even block the normal network communications.2. Submit large number of requests to the server to make the server overload.3.

Blocking a user to access the server.4. Blocking the communication of servicer with a specific system or personal.The first type of DDOS attack the want to introduce with you is the SYN flood. The SYN flood is one of the DDOS attacks that a hacker send false packet to the server to trick the server. Frankly speaking, it is mean that the original IP address in the packet would be set to the value which does not exist or not legitimate.

Once the server receives the package, it will return to accept the request packet. But in fact this package will never return to the source computer. This approach would make the server open the listening port to continue to wait the return from the source computer. This will waste huge system resources.

That is why many companies need the ddos protection  . The second is the LAND attack. This attack way is similar to the attack way which name is SYN floods. But the original and destination addresses in the attack package of LAND Attack are the IP of the attacked object. That kind of attack would cause the attacked machine infinite loop and eventually run out of resources and crash. It is the dirty attack type. The ICMP flood is that the attacker sends broadcast messages to the router to take up the system resources.

The last attacking method the wants to tell you is the Application level floods. This kind of attack type has big difference with the attack way we have told you before. The Application level floods are mainly aimed at the application software layer that is higher than the OSI. Application level floods are also aim at consuming a lot of system resources. It use the IIS network services to call for the unrestrained application of resources which would do harm to the persecution of normal network services.

In a word, we could only say that the ddos protection service  and anti DDOS server such as the services which provided by are necessary in our daily life.

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