The Mother of all Dance shows on Indian TV

Shivangi Vajpayee & skipper Jai Kumar Nair visits Lucknow



Lucknow, 10th July: Over the years, ‘Dance India Dance’ has not only become a household name but has also become a religion amongst legions of dance enthusiasts across the country. ‘DID Super Moms’ will be an entertainment package replete with competition, struggle, humor, drama, emotion and not to mention extraordinary dancing! A show that has given a platform to those women who gave up their dream of becoming a dancer and settled for a career, family life & motherhood! In a country where mothers are conventionally perceived as sacrificial figures, Zee TV has given them a second chance to live their passion for dance.


Finally the top 12 contestants are chosen after a rigorous filtration process. Today, the contestant from lucknow — Shivangi Vajpayee from Jay ke Jhakkas is in the city along with her skipper, Jai Kumar Nair to promote the show & meet their fans. 


On this occasion, Jai Kumar Nair said, “I’m happy to return as a skipper on Zee TV for such a fresh and appealing concept! This is a golden opportunity for all mothers who are passionate about dance. We have got an overwhelming response from the auditions and are totally astounded by their caliber. I’m certain that even the families of these mothers will be dumbfounded once they see them perform on the DID platform…because we do not compromise on quality on this stage.”


Echoing the same, Shivangi  said, “It feels great to be part of such a prestigious show & I’m very happy to be one of the top 12 contestants. As I am from this city, so extremely excited to be in front of you all and sharing my experiences. The way my family has encouraged and supported me to participate in DID Super Moms I think after watching me on screen other mummies will also get motivated. It’s a wonderful platform for us and I’m grateful that Zee TV has given us an opportunity to show case our talent once again.”


‘Dance India Dance’, the biggest dance platform on Indian television will take viewers by storm with its brand new series. The auditions were conducted in 15 cities -Mumbai, Delhi, Raipur, Kolkata, Indore, Patna, Lucknow, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Guwahati, Jammu, Ranchi, Ahmadabad and Bangalore have unearthed all kinds of mummies who are expert in a variety of dance forms like hip hop, salsa, classical dancer, belly dancing, tango, zumba, cha cha cha, etc…These are women whose kids and families have supported their dreams.


For all you curious viewers, please find below the Top 16 contestants:


Prince Ki Paltan


1.      Radhika Das from Mumbai

2.      Zoya Khan from Dehradun

3.      Sindhu Rajkumar from Bangalore

4.      Juliana from Delhi



Raghav Ke Rockstars

1.      Baisakhi Sarkar from Kolkata

2.      Saswati Deb from Kolkata

3.      Gautami Sonar from Assam

4.      Shraddha Shah from Surat



Siddhesh Ke Stunners

1.      Mithu Chakraborty from Kolkata

2.      Kirti Awle from Nagpur

3.      Phulwa Kamkar from Mumbai

4.      Anita Routela from Ghaziabad



Jay ke Jhakkas 

1.      Manupriya Bhandari from Delhi

2.      Cecille Rodrigues from Goa

3.      Divya Warier from Mumbai

4.      Shivangi Vajpayee from Lucknow




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