The world of converters seems to get bigger but, one converter that is here to change the game is the new MP4 to FLV converter. What this converter can do is simply amazing. MP4 format files which are among the most commonly used video format files are decent on quality but, when it comes to having an elevated viewing experience, users need something extra which only an FLV format file can give.

FLV format files are more vivid, high on quality and definitely a notch higher than MP4 files. This is the reason why the new MP4 to FLV converter has picked up great speed within a short period of its launch. This converter gives user access to technically advanced video quality that is unmatched and unparalleled. Besides the jump in quality, users can also experience ease and better control with the converter.

Customization of files is huge. For the tech savvy users of today, it is about creating a unique experience. The MP4 to FLV converter gives this and more. The converter lets the user customize the output file according to his/her preferences in resolution, volume, bit rate, frame rate, etc.

About MP4 to FLV converter:

The converter offers a great alternative to an MP4 format file. It helps users convert MP4 files to FLV files which are much more advanced and are also acceptable. The converter is free and for anyone to download. Also, the fact that users who download the software don’t have to deal with any viruses is a great feature to have considering how freeware can attract unwanted programs. To know more and to download the program today for free, log onto

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