It’s so hot in summer that you may sweat even if you sit still, but it’s a really good time to lose weight, either by doing exercises or simply taking diet pills like fruta planta pills. Hereby, we’d like to introduce you some effective exercises.

1. Swimming

If one sport can only be chosen in summer, swimming will probably be the most popular choice. When the hot air is blowing, how comfortable it would be if one can jump into the cool, clear water. Swimming can improve the function of one’s respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Also, swimming is an ideal sport for cervical spondylosis patients, as the buoyancy of the water can lessen pressure on the cervical spine. Besides, swimming makes one feel relaxed, because it can increase the excitability of the cerebral cortex, which has the same function as fruta planta.

Swimming is an aerobic exercise that can consume calories. This is because the heat transfer in water is 28 times of that in air. The heat consumed by people in the water for 8 minutes is equal to that in the air of the same temperature for 2 hours. Thus swimming has a better weight loss results.

In addition, swimming makes one’s body more symmetrical. Under the buoyancy of the water, one’s hands, feet, joints and muscles have to work together and thus get plenty of exercises.

2. Climbing Stairs

With the improved living conditions, people go out by bus or by car, go upstairs by elevator, thus they actually take very limited exercise. If they could climb the stairs or take some healthy diet pills such as reduce weight fruta planta in daily life, they can not only prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease, also particularly useful for slimming.

Climbing stairs for 30 minutes can consume 260,000 calories, 10 times more than the sitting times, 4 times more than the walking times, 2.5 times more than the swimming time, equivalent to jogging 800-1500 meters.